c-Stor Management Systems by SOS ( Solutions On Software )




FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is C-Stor Lite really Free?
Yes, C-Stor lite is a free program. The only catch is that you update to the newest version every year, at no charge. Downloads are availible at : http://c-stor.com/Downloads.htm

Is C-Stor Legacy Free?
NO!, C-Stor Legacy is our current flagship product. It has been helping C-Stor operators for over 25 years. It is still available as we complete our C-Stor Horizons Package.

I ordered a scanner and the package appeared to be opened?
Yes, we open and test all products with actual EPOS equipment to ensure that you do not receive a DOA and the product will work right out of the box! It is brand new with full manufacturer’s warranty.

My C-stor Lite stopped working on January 1st?
Yes, every 6 months or on the change of the year, C-stor Lite forces you to upgrade to the newest version. This is to insure that all of our customers are running compatible versions as we continue to improve and expand the features of C-Stor Lite. Downloads are availible at : http://c-stor.com/Downloads.htm

Where can I get free help with C-Stor or C-stor Lite?
We provide a discussion forum where you can communicate with us, C-Stor Users, station owners as well as certified technicians.

What are my options for paid support?
C-Stor Support is our help desk that has been in operation since 1982.
C -Stor Legacy has an annual support cost of $995 or $125/Incident.
C-Stor Lite has an annual support of $395

What if I need a custom feature / Function for C-Stor Lite?
We will add custom features for C-Stor Lite on a quote basis.
Many times, the feature you are looking for is already under development.
The best place to inquire is at our discussion forum.

What file types can C-Stor Lite import?
Verifone Gemcom RSF, Ruby Manager Backups (GMR) and Sapphire/Commander XML
Gilbarco Passport Default.XML and PassportDataMaintenance.xml
Wayne Nucleus DRPIN.dat
Samsung Sam4s (Requires Sam4 Backup and $100 additional fee)

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