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Company News

July 31, 2015
C-Stor & Tri-Xar Systems have started development to work with the Wayne NAMOS POS System. C-Stor Should be ready as Chevron Starts their rollout in September 2015

October 18, 2014
C-Stor, Tri-Xar Systems & Povelli have completed Back Office to ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) integration. As the EPOS was updated, the ESL was as well…

May 23, 2014
C-Stor & Tri-Xar Systems has finished their integration with Verifone's Site Commander. C-Stor Lite and other Tri-Xar Systems products now fully support Verifone's Site Commander.

June 29, 2013
C-Stor & Tri-Xar Systems has started working with Povelli and their innovative Electronic Shelf Labeling System

2007 ~ 2012
C-Stor.Com has lost this information....

Feburary 1, 2007
C-Stor has released C-stor Lite. The first cross platform price book manager. Support for this product, due to its stream line design, will only be $395/Year (Assuming no upgrades). 

Feburary 10, 2004
C-Stor has adopted a new print driver. No longer will customers be limited to DOS capable printers. Now C-Stor will be able to use any printer availible to WIndows (Local or Network). This is part of our migration to a Windows platform.

Janurary 20, 2004
C-Stor has finished out remote connection package for the Wayne Nucleus. Remote site will no longer have to have a PC on site. Our unquiue Lan By Modem will allow a central office to poll up to 32 Wayne Nucleus (Soon Gilbarco Passport & Autogas Tank Bank/Majestic) sites remotely.

December 22, 2003
C-stor completed a 100 day reprint from history for our Wayne Nucleus Interface. Customers can now, on demand, recreate any report from the last 100 days for reprocessing.

July 12, 2003
Solution On Software's C-Stor program, along with Tri-Xar Systems NucBORG gateway program was certified for use with Dresser-Wayne's Nucleus EPOS. Testing occured 07/08/2003 thru 07/11/2003 at Dresser-Wayne headquaters in Austin, Texas.
Nucleus Certification

May 15, 2003
Solutions-On-Software and Tri-Xar Systems annouced a strategic alliance. This agreement will enable Solutions On Software to migrate their current C-Stor back-office product into a true Windows based system.

June 01, 2002
Solution On Software has chosen Tri-Xar Systems to create a gateway program between their current C-Stor back-office product and the Dresser-Wayne Nucleus EPOS.