c-Stor Management Systems by SOS ( Solutions On Software )




Software Products

Our flagship product, launch in 1981, has set new standards in the convenience store back office software market. Whether you are looking for a robust price book manager or a complete daily books package. C-Stor is you best choice for over 25 years!

  C-Stor Lite    

After many years of customer requesting a basic, simple no frills price book manager, C-Stor in cooperation with Tri-Xar Systems has launched C-Stor Lite. This is a free program that allows user to upload and backup their price books.

  Drive Mapper    

After the launch of EPOS systems such as the Dresser-Wayne Nucleus and Autogas Regal, C-Stor found a support issue with customers and mapped drives. This utility allow users of any back office package to quickly and automatically map the needed network work drive.

  C-Stor Gateway    

This product is under final development and will allow users to collect data, either on site or remotely, with or without internet access from their EPOS systems.

Hardware Products Official PayPal Seal

Edgeport (Dresser-Wayne Nucleus EPOS)

  Edgeport (Dresser-Wayne Nucleus EPOS)
[Technicaian Installed/Delivered]

Metrologic Orbit Scanner (Verifone Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz EPOS)

  Metrologic Quantum Scanner (Dresser-Wayne Nucleus EPOS) $299
  Metrologic Eclipse Scanner (Keyboard Wedge, USB interface) $129
  Verifone RS232 9pin Null Modem adapter $19.95
  Verifone RS232 Cable Assy, 100' $99
  USB to Serial (RS-232) Adapter [TrendNet] 24.99
  USB to Ethernet (Network) Adapter [TrendNet] 29.99
  Dresser-Wayne Valve, 1/Vista Outlet Casting, No Coil, NEW 299.99